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Selected Projects

Karen “Chi-Chi” Lin

Pompidou Metz Structural Study Model

Identifying the relationship between structure and architecture through construction of the Pompidou Metz by Shigeru Ban Architects.

This semester long project recreates the construction process and structural system of the Pompidou Metz construction. The specific focus of both the investigation and the model was the primary timber Glulam roof canopy and the central steel truss spire. Both act interdependently as gravity and lateral superstructure, and meet the approximately 405 foundation piles both directly and indirectly through a concrete slab.

We modeled the canopy structure to produce a CNC milled high density foam mold to enable us to bend and pin 3 layers of the glulam roof construction in addition to soldering the steel truss spire that supported the canopy. We modeled miniature connection details and revealed foundation pile details with specific sectional cutaways. The museum spaces below the canopy were represented abstractly with white forms. The model's base mimics the distinct hexagonal footprint of the undulating roof.

Collaborator: Mikhail Grinwald Professor: Brett Schneider

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Centre Pompidou Metz Final Report

Spring 2010

architecture, 3D modeling, CNC milling, laser cutting, physical model, soldering, steel, wood, casting

Pompidou Metz Structural Study Model
Pompidou Metz Structural Study Model
Pompidou Metz Structural Study Model
Pompidou Metz Structural Study Model